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Hi all sorry for not being online over the last year, as i do not think i will have any time to start working on CF Iamge Host any time soon, I have decided to make CF Image host Pro free to download.

Updating instructions :


Updating can be done in one of two ways.

You can just copy all files from the zip file over the top of the old ones on your server. ( this is not the best way as some of the old files have been renamed or romoved from this update and they would be left on your server)
Remove all files and folders other then the UPLOAD & INC FOLDERS from your server, then upload the new files from the zip to your server.

Then just navigate to your site were the installer/updater script should run to check the file structure and setup any new settings.

Install instructions :

Unzip all the files and upload them to your site , then navigate to your site were the installer script should run to check the file structure and setup the basic settings. If you encounter an error it will most likely be an error related to the script not being able to right a file or to a folder just follow the instructions to set permissions on the file or folder affected.

After the installer is done you will need to delete the install folder from your server, then navigate to the admin page and use the username and password below (if updating use your login info) and navigate to the settings page and edit settings to your liking.

Username: admin
Password: password

Download 0.4.5
Download 0.3.1
php error. says file is missing

(29-05-2014, 05:28:32)ViciousCode Wrote: [ -> ]php error. says file is missing


When do you get this error?
when trying to upgrade from 1.6.5 to 4.5 pro
I have just updated the 1st post with Updating instructions. I hope this helps Smile
but the remote upload is giving an error.

for lib/upload.class.php on lines 129 to 133.
with the offset tmp, name, etc
There are too many bugs in the script (I see this is beta and I would like to ask Steve to give us a previous version of the script). Examples of bugs:
1. When I try to make a short link (b54,, nothing happens (no short links are being made).
2. I cannot open any image from my gallery, thumbnail page is blank.
3. I cannot ban any user from the image list, when I click on an user icon I get a blank page.
4. In the gallery I cannot sort images by comments or by views - again I have blank pages.
Thank you, Steve, for 0.3.1 Smile
Thank you very much for this.

I have a problem though. I've created a /dev/ folder and moved my /inc/ and /upload/ folders there along with the 0.45 files. Tried to update but the install script stops at "Adding images"-step in database.php. Been waiting forever but nothing happens. Tried to go to the next step by typing in my domain/dev/install/setting.php and it successfully created new settings, then I tried to remove the /install/ and navigated to my website but the page is white. Can't see anything. tried mydomain/index.php, mydomain/admin.php etc without results. How can I solve this?

Tried with 0.3.1, when I navigate to the site it says "This file cannot be directly accessed.", no matter which file I try to use..only mydomain/dev/ gives the same, instead of transferring to /install/ which it should do.

Allright think the installer stops at "adding images" due to some CHMOD issue, tried to remove the /upload/ and then run the install script again and now it stops on "Making sqlite database". In which folder should the databasefile be created?

Found the folder for the SQLite file. So it's successfully created but I still get a white page when I try to access the site..why?
I'm currently running 1.6.5 on my website, is it possible to implement ONLY the drag&drop function from the pro script? If so, how can I do this? What code do I need?
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